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Karima Lahreche-Despres

I’m French and have had the good fortune of growing up simultaneously in two very different cultures – Occidental and Oriental – a real blessing since each prizes art and artisanal works in its own way, and both shaped the swirling currents of my life at an early age.

As a child, I was fascinated by my grandmother Halima’s steamer trunks that held silk dresses of a thousand bright colors, and veils with embroidery that shown like a hundred lights! Embroidered linens, silk shawls, velvet housecoats and organdy shirts. Opening them was a magical ceremony that I cherished. And with my young eyes I imagined the most wonderful stories of beautiful princesses prancing about in dresses of a thousand lights, eating delicacies and listening to enchanting music.

Cushioned in those magical moments I began to learn techniques and skills, first with the women of the family and much later, in French schools and ateliers in the beaux arts traditions. And to this day I continue to learn and refine my embroidering, sewing, knitting, crocheting and designs.

I learned millinery and fashion design (Modist) in Les Ateliers d’Art Roanne (Lyon); artificial flowers and plumasserie (feathers) at the Lycée Octave Feuillet (Paris); the art of fine embroidery I perfected at the Maison Lesage (Paris).

I taught fashion design and the métier of couturier in Marseille for many years, and before that embroidery at the French Consulate in Algiers.

I now devote myself to my passion – creating unique and beautiful articles, in a spirit of excellence, for exceptional people.

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